How to Make the Most of Your Money

Often when we have money it will almost just pass us by. We see it appear and then before we know it seems to be gone and we might even have nothing left and have to struggle to manage until we next get paid. This can be really difficult and stressful. It is better to try to make the most of our money and there are some different ways that we can achieve this.

Become Familiar with where Money Goes

It can really help to start by being more aware of where our money is going. Actually, taking the time to figure out how much you spend on various things can be really enlightening. It may even cause you to think about changing your spending priorities. Some people do not like the idea of examining their spending as they fear they might be forced to stop buying the things that they like. However, this is all about you being in control and knowing what you are buying not having to change things unless you want to. It is worth seeing what you buy that is necessary and what is not as well as you will have to pay for the necessities. Although, do start checking whether you can cut down how much you are spending in certain areas as this could help a lot. If you can pay less for your electricity, for example, you will not have to change your behaviour at all, just spend a little time comparing suppliers and switching over. These sorts of things are really easy to do and you can make significant savings without having less. Of course, you may identify some areas where you would like to buy less as well, but that will be up to you.

Get a Good Savings Interest Rate

If you do have some savings, then it is wise to make sure that you are getting a good interest rate on them. Compare what rates are being offered by different companies so that you can have a think about whether you should change to a different type of account. You will be paid significantly more interest if you are prepared to put your money in an account here you do not have instant access to the money. For example, there are some accounts where you are required to leave your money in for a year or several years and they will pay more. There are also accounts where you have to give notice to withdraw your money, perhaps a month or longer. It is worth considering whether these accounts will be of interest to you or whether you will need to make sure that the money is available to you immediately. Even if you need instant access you could find that you might be able to get a better rate than you are currently getting by using an account with a different bank or building society.

Repay Loans

Loans can be really expensive and if they hang around for a long time the cost of the interest will really mount up. This means that you could benefit from repaying them. Some loans, such as credit cards, do not have a repayment date and so you can leave the debt outstanding for a long time. This can mean that you will have lots of interest to pay over a number of years. If you can reduce the debt and get it paid off, then you will save that money in interest payments. This is also true of other loans. Some of them will have a monthly repayment schedule, but you might still be able to overpay them and repay them more quickly, although do check that they are flexible as some may charge a lot of money by way of an early redemption fee, if you want to do this.

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